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Our woodpecker is an intuitive control unit designed specifically for harsh environments. Its special feature is that it is downward compatible for all types of our temperature control units.
Developed specifically for harsh environments, our woodpecker control unit is not only cost-effective but also easy to use. Its intuitive operation on the temperature control unit enables quick familiarisation and thus short standstill periods. There is no need to fuss with unfamiliar user interfaces or menu structures.

Product features

Microprocessor control with multiline colour display

Intuitive user interface and menu structure

Menu structure, error description in plain text

Quick parameter access via symbol structure

Traffic light display with symbols for faults, warnings and messages

Error history, warning and message configuration

Monitoring and display of maximum temperature

Monitoring and display of maximum pressure

System pressure display and limit value monitoring

Limit values individually adjustable for error messages

Optimisation function selectable

Status indicator for inputs and outputs

Access protection via coding

Speed dialling button for heating and operating temperature

Customised setpoint limitation

Variable time setting for scheduled maintenance service

Operating and working hours counter

Direction of rotation indicator

Fill level indicator

Automatic filling and refilling

Automatic end-of-production switch-off

Descaling programme for cooling systems

Central fault indication via LED

Data transfer through USB interface

Different national languages can be selected

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The woodpecker control unit can be retrofitted for all our temperature control units and is downward compatible. Regarding cost savings, in particular, great results can be achieved even with older temperature control units, when using the woodpecker control unit. Current software parameters, for instance in terms of energy savings, can thus be used even with older temperature control units.
    • Customised software engineering 
    • Hardware customisation 
    • Process optimisation
    • Interface operation via HPDC
    • Can be controlled via return line sensor
    • Flow monitoring via temperature difference
    • Efficiency mode; energy saving via tolerated temperature deviation
    • Safety pressure relief for emergency stop
    • Leakage warning
    • Form data storage
    • Switch timer with weekly programme
    • Profibus interface
    • Profinet interface

Accessories for temperature control units

Accessories for temperature control units