Temperature control units


Our temperature control units with water as the heat transfer medium reach temperatures of up to 180 °C with the highest safety standards.

Temperature regulation circuits


Temperature range

20 to 180 °C

Control unit


Pump type

Peripheral pump 46 l/min 7 bar / 58 l/min 10 bar

Our puffin series of dual-circuit design offers a powerful and highly efficient temperature control unit to regulate the temperature of consumers in the temperature range from 20 °C to 180 °C. Thanks to their robust and compact design and good accessibility for maintenance work, our temperature control units are ideal for use in a wide variety of production environments.

Product features

Compact, maintenance-friendly design

Stainless steel

Safety temperature limiter with limit switch

Flow monitoring

Self-optimising control unit

Leakage detection

Energy-saving option/energy-saving motor

Dry-running protection

Energy-saving motor

Performance-optimised filling pump

Descaling function - cooling system

Weekly timer

Fill level monitoring

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thermobiehl swift puffin-DE
A highlight of the temperature control unit is our peripheral pump in combination with the drive unit. Thanks to high-quality materials and a sophisticated design, the pump is extremely resistant to industrial water and excels with its durability. An additional system filter increases this robustness and ensures efficient and reliable temperature control.


Temperature regulation circuits
Control unit
Max. flow temperature
160 °C / 180 °C
Water circulation volume
5.8 l
Heating capacity per circuit
12 kW / 18 kW
Cooling capacity per circuit
85 kW
Flow rate per circuit
46 l/min / 58 l/min
Motor power consumption
0.55 kW / 1.1 kW
Max. pump pressure
7 bar / 10 bar
Supply voltage
400V / 440V
System and water circulation connection
FPT ½"
230 kg
Dimensions W/H/D
(350/1200/1200) mm
  • At temperatures above 100°C, there is a physical increase in pressure within the closed temperature control system. This can pose a risk to the operator if handled incorrectly. Our temperature control units therefore offer comprehensive safety functions including warning information to protect the operator from potential hazards.


    • Software-supported safety shutdown
    • Permanent tank pressure monitoring 
    • Pressure safety valve 
    • Automatic pressure relief in the event of an emergency stop 
    • Safety temperature limiter with limit switch
  • In addition to the normal standard equipment of a temperature control unit, our temperature control units also offer other standard features.

    • RS 485 interface
    • Can be controlled either via the feed or return line
    • Collective error message via LED
    • External connection for heating/operation
  • In addition to the various interface versions or the flow measurement, a corrosion protection system can be installed in our temperature control units. This is used to add the rust inhibitor to the temperature control system as a percentage. The percentage is variably adjustable and can be adapted to the respective water quality in the company. This ensures adequate corrosion protection at all times.  

    • Profibus interface
    • Profinet interface
    • Flow measurement
    • Variable corrosion protection system 
    • Core breakage monitoring

Accessories for temperature control units

Accessories for temperature control units