Temperature control units

HK 2000

Our temperature control units with oil as the heat transfer medium reach temperatures of up to 350 °C without pressure blanketing, while at the same time having a very compact and therefore space-saving design.

Temperature regulation circuits


Temperature range

20 to 350 °C

Control unit


Equipment variant


Our HK 2000 temperature control unit of single-circuit design with additional cooling is especially suitable to regulate the temperature of consumers in the standard temperature range up to the high temperature range. Temperatures of up to 350 °C can be achieved without pressure blanketing. By using the additional cooler installed in the temperature control unit, significantly higher cooling speeds can be realised if required, which can help to shorten the cycle time. Featuring intelligent control and customised temperature control, our temperature control unit contributes to energy savings in the company. The CO2 footprint is kept low thanks to innovative production processes with a high in-house production quota and self-generated electricity. Last but not the least, the reusability of our assemblies also contributes to circular economy.

Product features

Compact design

Leakage-free drive unit up to 350 °C

Flow monitoring

Self-optimising control unit

Leakage detection

Energy-saving option

Energy-saving motor

Dry-running protection / bypass

Descaling function - cooling system

Weekly timer

Working and operating hours counter

Fill level monitoring

Safety temperature limiter with limit switch

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The centrepiece of our temperature control unit is the gear pump in combination with the drive unit, completely leak-free with an operating range of up to 350 °C. Even continuous leak stop operation at 350 °C is not a problem.

HK 2000

Temperature regulation circuits
Control unit
Max. flow temperature
350 °C
Water circulation volume
9l - 12l
Heating capacity per circuit
12 kW / 18 kW / 24 kW
Cooling capacity per circuit
85 kW
Flow rate per circuit
16 l/min / 30 l/min
Motor power consumption
0,45 kW
Max. pump pressure
8 bar
Supply voltage
400V / 440V
System and water circulation connection
FPT ½"
120 kg
(370/850/1070) mm
  • In addition to the normal standard equipment of a temperature control unit, our temperature control units also offer other standard features.

    • RS 485 interface
    • Can be controlled either via the feed or return line
    • Collective error message via LED
    • External connection for heating/operation
    • Leak stop operation up to 350 °C
    • Profibus interface
    • Profinet interface
    • Flow measurement
    • Overfill protection device

Accessories for temperature control units

Accessories for temperature control units