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EKP descaling pump

Our EKP descaling pump cleans your piping and cooling system efficiently and independently. Deposit-free cooling systems of your temperature control units help to increase cost-effectiveness and are essential for efficient, resource-saving use of the temperature control units.
Temperature control units can often no longer achieve the maximum possible cooling capacity due to years of use with poor water quality. Replacing the cooling system is time-consuming and expensive. The EKP descaling pump in conjunction with our intelligent control unit solves this problem. If the cooling systems, for example, need to be cleaned during maintenance, the descaling pump can simply be connected to the cooling water flow and return line. By activating the descaling programme in the control unit of the temperature control unit, the solenoid valves are now permanently activated and the descaling pump can pump the cleaning fluid in the circuit. Various temperatures are available for selection. By allowing for a suitable cleaning time, even tougher soiling and deposits can be removed.

Product features

Robust durable housing

Large filling opening with screw cap

Safe operation due to premixing of chemicals and water

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    • Tank capacity 50 l
    • Connection R ¾”
    • Dimensions 460 x 710 x 580


    • Tank capacity 100 l
    • Connection R ¾”
    • Dimensions 460 x 710 x 780


Accessories for temperature control units

Accessories for temperature control units