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DFMG flowmeter

As regular maintenance can help to increase the efficiency of your temperature control units, we strive to make this as simple and cost-effective as possible. Here, the flowmeter can help to save time and act as a decision-making aid for repair work.
We have developed the DFMG flowmeter in order to be able to directly make a reliable statement about the condition of the feed pump, calcification of the cooling system and the condition of the overall system. The flowmeter can be used to determine both the flow quantitatively and the maximum delivery pressure of the feed pump. An integrated stopcock enables shut-off during maintenance. The flowmeter has a very robust design with a coated steel housing and carrying handle. The connection screwings are freely configurable. During maintenance, the input status and output status of a temperature control unit can be logged very quickly and easily.

Product features

High-quality coated metal housing

Analogue pressure display

Quantitative flow measurement


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Accessories for temperature control units

Accessories for temperature control units